Team History Edit

The Red Army began as the collective conception of HurrMattaCane, KtA Warrior, and Kyle40 (TheChosenOne99).
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As stated by TheChosenOne99 in August of 2008, "The team was created with the philosophy that familiarity equates to success, so many of the players already know each other and are comfortable playing with one another. The Red Army expects to compete as one of the elite teams in the EASHL." As many know, things don't always work out the way they were originally planned. The team had a tremendous first month after the game released climbing the ladder towards 8th overall place in the EASHL in September of 08.
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In late September of 2008, the team peaked around 40 members and coincidently began slipping in the rankings. Which all in part was due to the poor camaraderie between the large roster and just as importantly the Red Army's lack of resorting to glitching like most of the league was doing.
As a result The Red Army slipped towards the mid 20's in D1, resulting to most of the marquee players of the team club hopping to various other D1 teams which lead to the team's hiatus.

After current players: HurrMattaCane, KtA Warrior and The Pokes 11 merged with Off Constantly another notable D1 club team lead by the likes as: I3RENDAN, IPATIRICK, DeVaul93, OBrien71, iloveferrets, alldanglez and beaster26; a solid core of players was formed resulting in alot of chemistry amongst the group. Throughout the rest of the 09 EASHL season some current Red Army members could be found playing for other top division one teams as: Danglerz Anonymous, VIP LIST, and DCS. However these were only short tenures, they never panned out.

Throughout the past year The Red Army has improved their gameplay greatly and has learned alot about the ins and outs of the EASHL. With a more restricted roster and greater chemistry between team members, The Red Army is determined and is ready once again to become a force in the EASHL this upcoming season

Current Roster Edit


Gamertag # Position Shoots Player Type Hometown
Beast beaster26 D R Trenton, NJ
brewer066 D
Connor DeVaul 93 G/RW R Yardley, PA
Rich eaglesrownage
Matt HurrMattaCane 57 LW/RW/C Right Dangler Philadelphia, PA
Brendan I3R3NDAN D/LW/G L Richboro, PA
Chris iloveferrets R Yardley, PA
Pat IPATIRICK Left Philadelphia, PA
James KtA Warrior 4 C/RW/G Left Sniper Nutley, NJ
Timmy OBrien71 Right Yardley, PA
Josh pfeiff71 G/D
David The Pokes 11 11 D/C/RW Fairport, NY