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Team LGP is a EASHL team featured on NHL 09 for the Xbox 360 console. The team consists of members from the most notable Pittsburgh Penguins fan-based forum ever, Formed in the summer of 2008, the franchise quickly became one of the most profitable in the history of the EASHL, due to the fact that a Wikia entry was enshrined over the internet for all to see. Current value can only be estimated. Some speculate the amount to be VAST.

Their jersey colors will be black and gold, representing their team of Pittsburgh. It will also feature a slight, obnoxious yellow, representing the fact that the Admin of the site is paying the members of the team via bananas.

Training for "Team LGP" has begun. All training activities and exercises are being held in Ecuador.

Currently, 35 out of the 50 possible roster spots have been filled.



LGP Name XBL Gamertag Player Name Preferred Position(s) Jersey #'s
Jesse jmarshhh Antoine-Olivier Beaudouin Forward 19
Sigwolf Sigwolf Forward 11
Pops16 LetsGoPens1616 Forward 16
Idoit40fans Idoit40fans I Kiss Dudes Forward 2
Mr. Colby Mr Colby17 Hooks McCracken Forward 17
ulf pletch5 Gunner Stahl Forward 5
Diddy ChefDiddy21 Forward 21
Bob McKenzie Intel007 Forward
Cheap Seats Lets Go Pens Dan Gerous Forward 85
eww7633 eww7633 Forward 90
Guido Guido6687 Forward
MKendall91 MKendall91 Forward 91
DeJohn11 Sh87awn39 Forward
blurryhaze312 blurryhaze312 Forward 13
sizzlen7 sizzlen7 Forward
Rimouski87 NickZ2317 Forward
canaan ocho cinco Forward
farnham16 BSI School Forward
kiz08 kiz08 Charlie Conway Forward 99


LGP Name XBL Gamertag Player Name Preferred Position(s) Jersey #'s
demondg1 demondg1 Gordie Hoserman Defense, Forward 1
crayz sanchito94 Defense 94
Tybrus PullUpRed6 Defense 7
movetheneedle HardcoreFilth Defense 84
roller81 Emraith Defense
italian31987 italian31987 Defense
Kicksave Kicksave10 Defense, Forward 22
Twisted Wrister Snipe McNasty Defense 44
AKLholic AKLholic Defense
HockeyBurgh Tribe51 Defense 51
ejg24 Gondosh Eric Gondosh Defense, Forward 81
ineedwater1434 marzman1434 Alex Marzaloes Defense, Forward 34


LGP Name XBL Gamertag Player Name Preferred Position(s) Jersey #'s
Matthew Monster Youngbl00d 25 Goal 25
Maagwa AstupidNoob Goal