Planetmiffos team in EA Sports Hockey League on the Xbox 360.

Planetmiffo is a compilation of players from the Planetmiffo community. The community is a bunch of old people (++30) who have played EAs NHL game since EA NHLPA in 1993 and sice 1995 Planetmiffo have an annual cup in the current version of the game.

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Player Name Gamertag Number (#) Hometown
Jonas Fjellström Jontti 27 Obbola, Sweden
Andreas Asplund Hatok 13 Umeå, Sweden
Peter Stens TheMrEume 24 Umeå, Sweden
Mattias Johnsson Mats Parter 73 Umeå, Sweden
Joakim Johansson Jomjon 77 Umeå, Sweden
Fredrik Näslund Ryan_OReily 17 Malmö, Sweden
Håkan Dalsfelt Syffe 11 Umeå, Sweden


Player Name Gamertag Number (#) Hometown
Björn Vännman bas 9403 94 Överboda, Sweden
Joakim Bergström Joxarn 7 Umeå, Sweden


Player Name Gamertag Number (#) Hometown
Jim Robertsson jimrob76 23 Umeå, Sweden