Catastrophe had struck. The disc of the greatest game in history [EA's NHL 08] had been carelessly scratched, dying a slow and painful death, never to be revived again. No, it was not the fault of Kodiaks founder Matt Fairley or his trusted companion and co-founder, Alex Marks' fault. It was the father of the founding father that committed this horrible atrocity. So what were our heroes to do, especially in such distress? They set out in search of the coveted NHL 08, but it was useless. All sources were dry. The closest substitute was the taboo-like NHL 2K8. That being their only option, they sprung at the chance to play some smash-mouthed hockey. The two brave men sat and scrolled, angrily, through the half-assed user interface, attempting to slay it as if it was a horrible beast, but eventually the two persevered through the trials and tribulations of fighting the terrible demon and had soon found their way to the "create-a-team" option. But alas, they were soon faced with yet another dilemma.

What would they name their soon-to-be awesome, kick ass team? They tossed ideas around the cold basement as if caught in a game of whirlwind dodgeball. And suddenly, there it was. The preverbal "golden egg" of sorts. The Halifax Kodiaks. Matt Fairley and Alex Marks would soon go on to compete in half a season with the NHL 2K8 Kodiaks before the game was to be returned to the local Blockbuster at Mt. Washington-upon-the-hill. When the two heard the word of the newly formed EA Sports Hockey League, it was decided that a team would be created. Matt Fairley proceeded to work up a basic forums site, recruit members, with those members recruiting members. It was a perfect snowball effect. Once there were a sufficient number of members within the club, a vote was called to order. The Halifax Kodiaks, the brainchild of Fairley and Marks, was resurrected and whooped every other choice's ass in the poll.

It was a beautiful day in which the poll was called to be closed by the majority of the members of the club in order for the name to be officially declared. So, on August 13, 2008, the Halifax Kodiaks of the EA Sports Hockey League were officially formed. Now at 45 members strong, and more expected to be signed, the Kodiaks are a venerable team and hope to be a threat in the upcoming inaugural year of the EA Sports Hockey League. The Kodiaks will play their home games at the brand new 18,255-seat Telus Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


It was first suggested that the Kodiaks use green as their main colour. Many members of the club quickly opposed this as it bared many similarities to the Minnesota Wild. The Kodiaks then went to red, black and gold as their colours.


Kody Kody2 Kody 3


General Manager: Matt Fairley

Assistant General Manager: David Bliss

Head Coach: Justin Temple

Director Of Scouting: Tarcy Nascimento


#NameHeightWeight HometownPositionClassFormer ClubGamertag
83Robert Bertrand5'11" 180 lbs.Sudbury, ON, CANLWPlaymakerSudbury Wolves (OHL)Xcal83
14Chris BeVier6'4" 250 lbs.Nashville, TN, USADOFDN/AXion89
8David Bliss "A"6'0" 160 lbs.Kannapolis, NC, USADOFDN/AOrientedDavid
4Matthew Boies6'0" 190 lbs.Montreal, QC, CANRWPlaymakerN/AYoungstaz1
91Sebastien Cloutier5'8" 180 lbs.Sherbrooke, QC, CANRW/LWPlaymakerVal-D'or Foreurs (QMJHL)sbbbbb
41Antoine Cotnoir6'1" 190 lbs.Sherbrooke, QC, CANRW/CPlaymakerVal-D'or Foreurs (QMJHL)Antenoir
33Matthew Darragh5'9" 160 lbs.Vancouver, BC, CANGHybridThompson Rivers UniversityDarragh16
13John Dasta5'11" 190 lbs.Buffalo, NY, USARW/LWPlaymakerN/AShastaDosta0813
7Wade Eckert6'4" 222 lbs.Chicopee, MA, USADOFDUniversity of Minnesota (NCAA)WANDK128
1PJ Edwards6'0" 199 lbs.Bloomfield Hills, MI, USALWDanglerMichigan State UniversityJackO07
35Ryan Evans6'0" 185 lbs.Chicago, IL, USAGButterflyChicago Wolves (AHL)HockeyLegend
19Alex Evers5'11" 180 lbs.Los Angeles, CA, USACSniperPeterbourough Petes (OHL)Demiseofaugust
11Matt Fairley "C"6'3" 212 lbs.Cincinnati, OH, USARWDanglerRimouski Océanic (QMJHL)Witn3ss THIS
44Rikki Fonesca6'2" 219 lbs.Sarasota, FL, USARW/C/DPlaymaker/SN/AFonzie083
15Mitchell Goulding6'2" 215 lbs.Peterborough, ON, CANDDFDPeterbourough Petes (OHL)LordHavoc11
16Ryan Goulding6'2" 200 lbs.Peterborough, ON, CANCPower Fwd.Peterbourough Petes (OHL)RYANtheReaperG
94Sam Hinchee6'0" 190 lbs.Richland, WA, USARWPlaymakerSeattle Thunderbirds (WHL)Hinchdogg
67Erik Hogeberg5'9" 185 lbs.Seattle, WA, USALW/RWSniperMidgetsKuma Asayake
80Mike Hua6'0" 180 lbs.Toronto, ON, CANCPlaymaker/SN/AIncorrupt
20Maxime Imbeault5'8" 180 lbs.Jonquiere, QC, CANCDanglerVal-D'or Foreurs (QMJHL)maxXxoxpower
31Rene Koehn6'0" 180 lbs.Heiligenhafen, GERDDFDN/ABishop426
87Jason Krysa5'11" 196 lbs.Edmonton, AB, CANCSniper/PMKRLondon Knights (OHL)WarKryme
17Jim Laframboise6'1" 220 lbs.Windsor, ON, CANLWPlaymakerN/AJim Laframboise
2Alex Marks6'2" 223 lbs.Cincinnati, OH, USAGHybridRimouski Océanic (QMJHL)hobbes2053
6Andrzej Matuch6'3" 225 lbs.Montreal, QC, CANDDFDQuébec Remparts (QMJHL)CellFish
28Chris McElwain6'1" 190 lbs.Vancouver, BC, CANCGrinderVancouver Giants (WHL)hollywood9999
17Rob McLaren6'0" 190 lbs.Toronto, ON, CANLW/CSniperMarkham Waxers (OHA)SaveTheWails
175 lbs.Garden Grove, CA, USAGHybridGarden Grove KnightsMeRcHaNt13
79Chad Monteith5'9" 180 lbs.Grand Bend, ON, CANCSniper/DNGLondon Knights (OHL)xxICEMANx
77Scotty Moynihan6'4" 220 lbs.New York City, NY, USADDFDPenn. State University (NCAA)Scotty Knows 85
9Tarcy Nascimento "A"5'11" 185 lbs.Ottawa, ON, CANLW/RWPlaymakerN/ALEAFS07
66Phillip Neuss6'0" 190 lbs.Huntsville, AL, USADOFDN/ANeussBomb
55Dale Norton6'2" 210 lbs.Toronto, ON, CANDOFDLondon Knights (OHL)Nortoneflea
37Rodwan Noureddine6'2" 190 lbs.Ottawa, ON, CANRWPlaymakerN/Arodwan553
70Ben Perin6'4" 190 lbs.Reading, ENGDOFDPortland Pirates (AHL)BombedFire Man
25Philip Plante6'3" 229 lbs.Ottawa, ON, CANC/LWGrinderPeterbourough Petes (OHL)Mr Ballihoo
26Rick Stevens5'11" 160 lbs.Hamilton, ON, CANDOFDN/ARick0088
30Christian Svanberg6'2" 190 lbs.Copenhagen, DENDDFDRungsted Cobras (Oddset Ligaen)Arch22
73Justin Temple6'2" 200 lbs.Halifax, NS, CANLWPower Fwd.Halifax Mooseheads (QMHL)JTech780
88Alex Wagner6'2" 185 lbs.Chicago, IL, USACPlaymakerChicago Wolves (AHL)hckymstr26


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