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We are the Xbox360 EASHL Club Far Beyond Gone and Far Beyond Driven. A good group of hockey fans who enjoy clean games. Our offense doesn't depend on hitting the curve or toe-drag post side wrister shots. The majority of the team are friends out side of the video game and conglomerate on the roller hockey rinks a couple of times a week.

Team NewsEdit

We are currently looking for a solid goalie with top division experience / legend card. We play mostly in the evening between 5-12pm we usually have 4-5 players on atleast 3-5 nights a week. my xbl gamer tag is miasma of decay

Internal LinksEdit

Far Beyond Gone Wiki

Wiki EASHL Xbox360

Team Roster Edit

Game Tag & EAsports profile # Positions GM
Miasma of decay 83 RW/LD/RD yes
NuggyNull 27 C yes
C U Next Thurs 13 LW/LD yes
Ry the Gy 33 LD/RD no
Trip08 8 LD/LW yes
TooLate2PullOut 23 RD/C/LD no
Advant Deggra no
fast03banshee 2 RD/LD/LW no

Record : 68 - 38 - 12 (4/21/09) Current Div : 13 Best Div to date : 13 (4/21/09)