Started as a joke team, cought the attention of some of the EA staff and is regarded as the underdog who might just take out some of the tough competition. HF boards is still favoured with IGN's secret team follwing up behind them. EA has been looking in on a few other teams which may change the rankings yet to come out.

The Average Joe's (temporary name) are a team within the EA Sports Hockey League.

Player Name Gamertag Age Number (#) Hometown Shoots/Handedness Position Style
Matt Bentz LegendaryShoe 17 24 Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, USA Right LW Dangler
Kevin Bentz II Volke II 17 9 Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, USA Right C Playmaker
Zach Arce Diamondcrest 18 51 Long Island, New York, USA Right LD Offensive Defensman
John Dunham Dirty S0cks 17 70 Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA Right G Hybrid
Sean Costello Costello4 17 4 Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA Right RW Sniper
Brian Bentz BrianB360 21 34 Queens, New York, USA Left RD Offensive Defenseman
Nigel Honneger DaFro86 17 86 Switzerland Left C